Best Skincare Routine For Winters
Best Skincare Routine For Winters

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Best Skincare Routine For Winters

As much we look forward to Winters, we also dread the season that brings along dry flaky dehydrated skin. Winters require extra special skincare and therefore we must spend time and effort into setting the best skincare routine for ourselves in this season.

There are certain skincare routine steps that need altering from the summer skincare in order to achieve soft supple and glowing skin in Winters.

Start of with cleansing your face with a cleansing milk. Milk is an excellent cleanser as it has lactic acid in it. the Dermashine Cucumber Cleansing Milk which will serve you well, it will cleanse and calm your skin as cucumber is known for it’s soothing properties.

As important as cleansing skin is, exfoliation is just as important. You can exfoliate your skin every alternate day to get rid of dry flaky skin and leave it looking younger and fresh. The Dermashine Apricot scrub is an outstanding exfoliator. Apricots contain antioxidants like Vitamin E and Vitamin C which boost overall skin health and leave it glowing. They’re great for protecting skin from Ultra Violet rays and also reduce early signs of aging and help improve the elasticity of the skin. The result is hydrated and dewy skin. For even better results check out the whole Dermashine Fruit Facial Kit and give yourself an easy 6-step at home facial twice a month. For skincare products for acne the kit also has soothing and anti-inflammatory products like the Dermashine Cucumber mask.

The skin needs a massage every now and then. You can look up easy to do facial massage steps at home and lift your skin making it look less tired and younger. Taking care of skin at home has less incremental cost and is quick and easy to do.

The first step is to prep yourself for massage and for that tie back your hair and be sure to apply a deep conditioning cream or moisturizer or face oil. The Dermashine Honey and Almond Massage Cream should do the trick for you. Steaming the face will help soften pores and for the product to penetrate better. Use circular motions with your fingers to gently massage the facial area. If your objective is to tighten skin use deeper more stimulating motions. Those with oily or acne-prone skin must stick to lighter pressure. A metal roller or jade roller can help do the job. Jade is perfect for winters as it stays warm as opposed to a cool Rose quartz roller. Massage your forehead by placing your knuckles between your eyebrows and slowly move them towards the hairline upwards. Try to do this five times. Don’t forget your eye area, this area is delicate so be gentle and use soft motions with your ring finger about five times. Massage your cheeks in upward lifting motions. Put your knuckles on your cheeks near the bridge of the nose and swipe them across your cheeks towards your ears. Do this five times as well. Massaging the area around your mouth is equally important. Make a 'V' shape with the index and middle fingers. Place the fingers as such that the index finger is above your upper lip and middle finger is below your lower lip and now press gently and pull towards your ears. Massage your chin too by resting your palms underneath your cheekbones and massaging towards your hairline. Finish with your neck by massaging in vertical strokes from your collarbone to your face in upward motions. Repeat this massage atleast two times a week.

The last step in your skincare routine order is applying a hydrating face mask weekly. This will soothe your skin and leave it nourished.  Try these recommended products and viola, all your dry, dull and flaky skin concerns will fade away with dead skin. If your skin type is normal do give the Dermashine Fruit Facial Kit a shot in this and you will get even better results this season. While doing your facial care, never forget that the skin of the body is equally important. Try the hydrating body lotions this season and be surprised with soft moisturized and nourished skin. Enjoy!