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Summer is the season of refreshing drinks and fruity goodness and breezy clothing! But on the downside, it also comes with a lot of skin problems! The heat, humidity and sun can leave your skin dehydrated, clogging your pores and is a nightmare especially for those with oily or acne prone skin.

Let’s talk about what we can do to enjoy the season to the most whilst looking our best with flawless skin! skin care products in Pakistan are now a growing market especially in Summers since people are becoming more and more conscious of how they look and feel. But there are some things that are important and to be kept in mind in skin care.

Summer days are most dreaded so we must concentrate on our skin care routine on the daily. Here are our skin care tips for women to help achieve flawless skin this Summer:

Tip 1: Follow the correct order in your skincare routine!

Cleanse: Use a cleanser with natural fruit extracts and ingredients that are skin friendly and light weight, for instance the Dermashine Orange Extract Cleanser or the Dermashine Pomegranate Face wash for a deeper pore cleanse.

Tone-Derma shine offers you a range of different toners, all ideal for the Summer heat, try the Honey and Lemon, Rose or Brightening Skin toners

Serum-The upcoming Dermashine serum series will leave you in awe, from Vitamin C, E, to acne prone and brightening we offer you everything you need this Summer and more!

Moisturize- Keep your moisturizer light this Summer even if you have dry skin. Heavy moisturizers in Summers tend to irritate skin and cause reactions. Use lotions instead of creams as they come with a lighter consistency.

Sunscreen- While sunscreens are important, we recommend a step further and endorse sunblocks or what you call physical sunscreens. Try our Dermashine SPF 70 sunblock and protect your skin from uv rays and free radicals, sunburns, pigmentation and more! It’s 100% cruelty free!

Tip 2: Avoid Heaps of Makeup

Let your skin breathe and concentrate on skincare, and if you’re a makeup junkie then try to wear light coverage products like tinted moisturizers instead of  medium or full coverage foundation. Check out the Nude Magique BB Powder in Almond and Cream by Avon! Use powder blush instead of a heavy cream blush, we recommend the OG Soft light duo to get a breathable gorgeous wash of color!

Tip 3: Concentrate on Skin care:

The beauty of brands like Dermashine are that they offer the ease and convenience of wholesome skin care at home! Build a Derma shine skin care fridge, keep your products cool and enjoy the sensation they give upon application, perfect for closing open pores and giving you firm bright skin!

Tip 4: Hydrate

Drinks lots of water, eat fruits and vegetables!

Tip 5: Massage

Use a face tool to give your skin a beauty massage to lift and tighten and get firm youthful skin.

Get glowing fresh skin with just these 5 simple skin care tips that you can follow at home this Summer!