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Summer is just around the clock bringing back all your favorite fruits and vegetables. It’s the perfect time to go to swimming pools or beaches, or on a vacation to beautiful northern sides of Pakistan.
However, together with some amazing opportunities to enjoy the season, summers also bring major skin issues like: Sunburn, oily skin, acne problems or dry irritated skin which are common issues in summers due to increased pollution, effects of global warming and damaged ozone layer causing increased UV index in different cities of Pakistan. Being exposed for long in the sun can cause sunburns which make your face look dull and damaged, similarly in high temperatures more sweating ultimately results in increased oil secretions from the face.
Acne is another problem in summers caused due to the mixing of sweat with bacteria and skin oil clogs in the skin eventually resulting in death of skin cells producing wrinkles.
Moreover dry skin commonly is a winter issue but for some people it can a summer issue too due to dehydration, sun rays causing dryness from excretion of the natural skin oil and most common cause of such dryness is due being in A/C rooms which provide cool air make the atmosphere drier thus causing skin to be dry even in summers.
How to avoid these problems? We just cannot stay at homes or indoors throughout the long summers, going out is inevitable but makes us vulnerable to skin cancer, dullness, acne and burns.

Solution to your problems:

They say that every problem has a solution. 90% of your skin issues can be resolved using our organically synthesizes products. Want to go on a trip to northern area but afraid of sunburns and tan skin use our Derma Shine Sunblock SPF 50, 60,75 which provides 94%-97% protection from the Ultraviolet Rays from the sun. Travelling to higher altitudes or outdoor swimming pools or strolling on a beach or a park, don’t forget to carry our sunblock and scar treatment products. 
Use our Derma Shine Foaming Face wash daily before and after coming to home to keep your skin healthy and young. Our oil-free face wash is perfect for your oily skin during summers. A daily facewash will protect you from bacteria causing acne skin due to sweating. Remove your dead skin cells caused due to sun rays with our Apricot Scrub. Moreover, keep your skin and body hydrated at all times. Pollution and dust cause accumulation of black heads on the pores presenting your skin, avoid this by using our amazing Charcoal Product range and our black head cleanser regularly.

By Aizaz Ul Haq
(Team Member- Derma Shine Pakistan)

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Ammar Mehmood Butt
(Team Member - Derma Shine Pak)