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Our skin is undoubtedly one of our most precious possessions. Since it’s so dear to all of us, caring for it stands as a necessary requisite. Our skin reflects our general health. To take proper care of it, we all need to adopt healthy habits.

To find the perfect skincare routine, you must follow the leading skincare pointers like:

Eat Healthy: Eating fresh organic fruits and vegetables is a go-ahead. Cucumber, watermelon, papaya, yogurt keep our sagging or inflamed skin firm and fresh. Vitamin C in these fruits aids in the skin's natural regeneration process.

Hydrate: Make a batch of fruit-infused detox water and finish it over the course of your day. Drink alkaline water at least 6 to 8 glasses daily. The more water that goes into your body, the better your skin will look. You can have a perfect hydration with our wash off formula in the face of our bestselling Hydrating Cucumber Mask.

Wear Sunscreen: Sunscreen are a must to have in our bag packs. It not only keeps our skin healthier but protects sensitive skin against sunburns and reduces the chances of sun damage – discolorations, dark spots, sagging, leathery skin and wrinkles. These protections make our skin maintain a more even skin tone overall. Our Derma Shine Sunblock comes in different SPF variants, thus you can choose the one that suits you the best according to your geographic location and skin type.

Facial & Moisturizing: To restore the softness of the skin that is at the risk of getting lost due to urban pollution having one of our Derma Shine Fruit Facial Kit is a must! The natural lemon extracts in our peel-off mask not only make us bright and pretty but also protect against hyper-pigmentation, signs of aging.

Correct Skincare: Scrubs, Aloe Vera Gel, Pomegranate extract based skincare products play a key role for skincare management. Choose the best skincare products that prevents breakouts. Our Cucumber Cleansing Milk not only imparts the gentle soft touch cleansing but also prevents bacteria build-up.  

Toning: Toning helps clean out all the dirt that may be left behind in your pores. Our Derma Shine Refreshing Toner opens up clogged pores and refreshes them.

Cleansing & Face wash: Removing all your makeup with a gentle cleanser like our Derma Shine Orange Extract Cleanser is our tip to you. Make sure you take care of your blackheads as well with our Derma Shine Blackhead Cleanser. This cleansing product due is what everyone one of us should try to incorporate into our daily routines for smooth flawless skin results.

Exfoliate: A Fruity Scrub can help exfoliate our skin that helps to buff away dead skin cells, improving blood circulation on the face and leaving our skin radiant and glowing. However, post scrubbing, don’t forget to apply our magic in a jar hair lightening bleach cream to lighten up those facial hair.

Sleep like a Baby: Have you heard something like beauty sleep? Your skin surely restores itself when you sleep. So, put on our Organic Aloe Vera Gel at night and follow it with a sound nap for 7-8 hours.

An appropriate skin care routine is not focused on looking beautiful alone, but about remaining hale, hearty and healthy

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