Derma Shine Soft Wax Series - 800 G

Derma Shine

Derma Shine Soft Wax Series - 800 G

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Derma Shine Soft Wax Series - 800 G

All Body Waxing.

For Smooth Hairless Skin.

How To Use : 

  • Gently cleanse skin with soap and water to remove oil, makeup or perspiration.
  • Put the Tin in the wax heater. When the wax reaches Honey-Like consistency check its temperature on the hand to avoid any burn.
  • Apply a small quantity of wax on the roots of the hair using a Spectula or round edged clean knife in lengthwise. Spread a wax in such a way that it covers the hair completely. Thick layer is not necessary.
  • Wait for a while and cover the wax with Derma Shine strip.
  • Press the strip on the wax to hold skin taut firmly for about 10 sec with finger and thumb.
  • Take of the strip from the opposite direction of the growth of the hair in one single stroke.

Precautions : Don't let the creamy soft wax dry on the skin make sure your skin is clean & free from oil or lotion. The wax should not come into contact with water as they become un-effective. Don't use wax on Acne, Cuts, Irritated and Burned Skin.

Available In : 

Charcoal - For All Skin Types 

Aloe Vera - For Sensitive Skin

Banana - For Dry Skin

Orange - For Normal Skin 

Strawberry - For Dry Skin

Chocolate - For All Skin Types 

Chlorophyll - For Normal Skin

Lemon - For All Skin Types

Customer Reviews

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Muhammad Shoaib

This is best wax I ever use 👍👍👍👍👍 satisfying results and easy to use non greasy👌


Wax quantity is so less..wax jar is half in quantity 😔 ubi tk use ni kia wax otherwise..

Aneela Ashiq

this wax is not sticky enough... when i place strip over it ,,it continously sliding or gliding on the surface of skin which is not helpful for hair removal

rizwan ellahi

Derma Shine Soft Wax Series - 800 G

Sophia Shahzad

Derma Shine Soft Wax Series - 800 G