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Derma Shine

Derma Shine Soft Wax Series - 800 G

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Derma Shine Soft Wax Series - 800 G

All Body Waxing.

For Smooth Hairless Skin.

How To Use : 

  • Gently cleanse skin with soap and water to remove oil, makeup or perspiration.
  • Put the Tin in the wax heater. When the wax reaches Honey-Like consistency check its temperature on the hand to avoid any burn.
  • Apply a small quantity of wax on the roots of the hair using a Spectula or round edged clean knife in lengthwise. Spread a wax in such a way that it covers the hair completely. Thick layer is not necessary.
  • Wait for a while and cover the wax with Derma Shine strip.
  • Press the strip on the wax to hold skin taut firmly for about 10 sec with finger and thumb.
  • Take of the strip from the opposite direction of the growth of the hair in one single stroke.

Precautions : Don't let the creamy soft wax dry on the skin make sure your skin is clean & free from oil or lotion. The wax should not come into contact with water as they become effective. Don't use wax on Acne, Cuts, Irritated and Burned Skin.

Available In : 

Charcoal - For All Skin Types 

Aloe Vera - For Sensitive Skin

Banana - For Dry Skin

Orange - For Normal Skin 

Strawberry - For Dry Skin

Chocolate - For All Skin Types 

Chlorophyll - For Normal Skin

Lemon - For All Skin Types

Customer Reviews

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Sadia Saeed

Good soft wax and all derma shine products best 👌

Hamna khan
Derma shine soft wax

Wax was really good and easy to handle. Highly recommended 😍

Kaynat Zafraan
Highly disappointed

I thought its same version of rica wax in cheap price. But itx not good enough as compare to rica wax.

huma zainub

Derma Shine Soft Wax Series - 800 G

Derma Shine Soft Wax Review- Apr, 2021

I ordered all three types (Brazilian, soft & finger) from Derma Shina. The delivery was fast paced. I had an excellent experience. The soft wax leaves a smooth impact on skin. It doesn't rip the skin on arms or make bumps. A once used strip with this wax on, does remove the hair if applied again without additional wax (on soft/ normal hair, not on hard hair). It is effective as Rica but minus the harshness. To ensure its effectiveness, keep your arms dry/ non-sweaty at all times. Unlike Rica, it doesn't perform well on dewy arms. The smell is mild and pleasant. If spilled, it is easy to clean with any oil. I'll definitely recommend this product.